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    Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences​

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    Shanghai, China​

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    Full Time

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Research on Intelligent Robot Algorithm

Shanghai, China

About Company:

Shanghai Institute of Mircrosystem and Information Technology (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), formerly known as Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, was one of the earliest research institutes of Academia Sinica founded in1928. Since August 2001, the name has been changed to SIMIT according to its research fields and objectives. During the past 90 years, SIMIT always focuses on frontier of the metallic material science, and played a leading role in the scientific research. After the 1960s, SIMIT was again the first entity to have established the ultra-pure metal and III-V compound semiconductor materials research base, and first superconducting cable in China. Since 2004, SIMIT has developed a superconducting center dedicated to the fundamental research of superconducting material and electronics. Now the superconducting research center includes around 80 research staffs and 50 graduate students. The research field on superconductors has grown into one of the three major research field in SIMIT.
For further information of SIMIT, please visit our website: www.sim.ac.cn.

Job Details:


1.Research the cutting-edge intelligent robot technology, including but not limited to stereo perception, multi-sensor fusion perception, adaptive control, brain like intelligent decision-making, intelligent control based on kinematic or dynamic models, etc;
2.As principal lead the technical team to participate in the actual project, conduct cutting-edge technology research and try innovative methods for the problems in the implementation;
3.Track cutting-edge technologies and make relevant technological breakthroughs, as well as publish papers and apply for patents.


1.Doctor in automation/control theory and engineering/electrical engineering/mechanical and electronic engineering/mechanical manufacturing and automation, and other related majors; Have automatic control background and mathematical skills; More than 3 years of working experience in relevant fields;
2.Experience in team and project leader, experience in independently leading and managing scientific research projects or product development is preferred;
3.Mastering multiple control algorithms such as robust control, PID, fuzzy control, etc., familiar with filtering, system parameter identification and other theories, and familiar with robot kinematics, dynamics and other related technologies are preferred;
4.Familiar with encoder, gyroscope, accelerometer and other common sensors, familiar with the principle and application of AC, DC servo motor and stepping motor is preferred;
5.Experience in modeling and simulation, robot system modeling, solution modeling, etc. is preferred;
6.Those who have won prizes in relevant competitions or have published top papers in relevant fields are preferred.


Provide competitive remuneration.

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