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Entertainment in Fuyang

Jan 29, 2024

Hangzhou - Fuyang  

Fuyang is the real location and original creation site of Huang Gongwang’s Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, with the reputation of “Among the finest mountains and rivers in the world, Fuchun is recommended through the ages”. The historical integration of landscape and culture has formed the most unique natural scenery and urban flavor in Fuyang. Nearby the city, there are high-quality scenic spots such as Guanshan Park, Yu Dafu Park, Fuchun Mountain Museum, Dongwu Park, and the Fuchun Mountain Residence cruise.
Fuyang is located at a key node of the world-class golden water tourism route. It owns the beauty amidst the mountains and water, as well as entertainment of sports. Fuyang has been awarded the first National Sports and Leisure Industry Demonstration Zone and the title of “China’s Top Ten Ecological and Leisure Bases”. Visitors can experience a one-stop “water-land-air” trinity of activities, including Yong’an Mountain paragliding, Tongzhou Island kayaking, Huyuan Creek drifting, and Chunjian Tea Mountain cycling and so on.

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