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Digital torchbearer applied in medical services

Jan 10, 2024


Angel, the Zhejiang health escort robot.

Hangzhou recently showcased a practical application for the digital torchbearer, which received acclaim during the Hangzhou Asian (Para) Games.

Meet Angel, the Zhejiang health escort robot, now serves as a local family doctor online. Leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and other cutting-edge digital technologies, Angel's mission is to provide residents in Zhejiang province with personalized care, including medical guidance, intelligent escort services, medication reminders, and medical record sorting.

Angel's inaugural service is the Online Companion Diagnosis system. Users can access a range of services online, from appointment scheduling and online queuing to bill payment and health report inquiries.

The approach ensures a more convenient medical experience, covering the entire process of diagnosis. Angel represents a significant step forward in integrating digital advancements into the healthcare landscape, promising improved accessibility and efficiency for residents in Zhejiang province.

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