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Entertainment in Lin'an

Jan 29, 2024

Hangzhou - Lin'an  

Lin'an, with alpine ski resorts, hot spring resort hotels, canyon rafting, ecological health care base, rural leisure tourism and other distinctive tourism. There are 35 scenic spots, including 5 national 4A-level scenic spots, 48 3A-level scenic villages, and 284 specialty lodgings scattered among the mountains and waters, with major attractions such as Tuankou Hot Spring, Wansongling Ski Resort, Windy Valley Outdoor Paradise, Qingshan Lake Water Forest, and Lin'an Museum. Lin'an has two national nature reserves, Tianmu Mountain and Qingliang Peak, with a forest coverage of 82.64%, known as the "Forest Oxygen Bar", where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the ecology is excellent, and it is an important source of Taihu Lake and Qiantang River water system.
In recent years, Lin'an grasp the "Hangzhou-Huangshan world-class ecological and cultural tourism corridor" construction opportunities,promoting the territorial scenic area construction of "one corridor, three circles and eighteen scenic spots" ,building "Qingshan Lake water circle", "big Tianmu famous mountain circle", "Zhexi Tianlu outdoor circle" from the east to the west, realizing a picture that everywhere is scenic and the whole city is beautiful.

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