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BJ Subway Boosts Services to Elevate Travel Experience

Jul 07, 2024


As summer vacation approaches, Beijing's subway is experiencing a steady increase in passenger traffic. Subway stations adjacent to tourist attractions and commercial areas are poised to face the combined pressure of commuting and tourist crowds. Beijing Subway announces that this summer, it will increase operational capacity at major transit hubs and high-traffic stations near popular tourist attractions and commercial areas during peak hours and will also be ready for extended nighttime services.

Additionally, Beijing Subway will maintain its "Dual-Temperature Carriage" service throughout the summer, with free cooling fans available to passengers at stations along Lines 1, 10 and 13.

Beijing Subway also plans to install an additional 25 smart storage lockersat 18 high-demand stations, bringing the total number of storage locker services to 34 across 23 stations.
Furthermore, the maintenance and servicing frequency of more than 100 free water dispensers on Lines 5, 8, 9, 10 and 15 will be increased. The Beijing Metro App and the "Beijing Metro Service" WeChat mini-program are continuously being optimized and expanded. These platforms now offer passengers a range of convenient online services, including route planning, lost and found, priority appointments, electronic invoices, and online customer service.
(Source: Beijing Daily)
Source: BeijingService

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