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(Caofeidian)Beijing Jingshan School Caofeidian Branch

May 23, 2024


School Introduction 

Established in 1960, Beijing Jingshan School is a national and municipal school, and one of the UNESCO Asia Education Renewal Program liaison centers. In 1983, Comrade Deng Xiaoping wrote an inscription for Jingshan School, "Education should face modernization, the world, and the future.". Beijing Jingshan School fully implements Comrade Deng Xiaoping's "Three Faces" educational philosophy, with the important point of cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical ability, and the fundamental purpose of comprehensively improving their comprehensive quality, laying a solid foundation for their lifelong development. It has a good reputation for running schools in Beijing and even throughout the country. At the same time, it is also an experimental school for the educational reform of China's basic education from primary school to high school with a new mode of education. Beijing Jingshan School Caofeidian Branch implements the strategy of "coordinated development between Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei", fully relies on the educational philosophy and resources of Beijing Jingshan School, operates a 12 year full-time public semi boarding school, references the standards and equipment of domestic and foreign schools, adheres to educational reform and innovation, adheres to the concept of "facing modernization, the world, and the future", and adheres to the principle of "laying the foundation for comprehensive45 development, and leveraging strengths to cultivate talents", Gradually forming distinctive schools in Caofeidian District, committed to creating an internationally distinctive and high-level school. Beijing Jingshan School Caofeidian Branch implements a five-year primary school, four-year junior high school (consistent with nine years), and three-year high school education system, with an international department. The school's teaching is fully managed by Beijing Jingshan School. 
Beijing Jingshan School Caofeidian Branch is a result of promoting educational resource cooperation and sharing between Beijing and Hebei. In order to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, introduce foreign educational resources, and meet the diverse educational needs of local society, the International Department of the school has been running smoothly and has a good reputation under the leadership of the Tangshan Education Bureau and the Caofeidian District Education Bureau since its establishment, and has gained high recognition from parents and students. 
The International Department of Caofeidian Branch of Beijing Jingshan School is an international school under the unified management of Beijing Jingshan School, with the educational philosophy of "national sentiment and international perspective". 
The enrollment target of Jingshan International Department is students from grades seven to twelve. The teaching mode has gradually transitioned from bilingual teaching in Chinese and English to immersive46 pure English teaching, preparing students adequately for entering universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other English speaking countries. The International Department adopts small class teaching, with no more than 18 students in each class and a teacher-student ratio of no more than 3:1, providing students with opportunities to extensively explore and conduct in-depth research on different subjects. Exploratory learning, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving are our teaching points. Emphasizing the cultivation of abilities will enable our students to easily cope with various challenges in studying abroad and future society after graduation. 
Students and teachers of Jingshan International Department implement an on campus boarding system. Students from seventh to twelfth grade must board on campus. Teachers (including foreign teachers) live with students on campus and provide support and guidance to students anytime, anywhere. Through boarding, we cultivate students' leadership, civic awareness, as well as the values, social skills, and independent personality necessary for future success. We combine Western educational concepts with China's national conditions to achieve respect, understanding, and integration between different cultures. 
The international courses offered by the Jingshan International Department provide students with various opportunities to take risks, be good at asking questions, analyze and explore various perspectives, and47 unleash their imagination while actively learning. The bilingual teaching environment created by the International Department is aimed at promoting a love for knowledge, allowing students to appreciate different academic fields, persistently pursue academic achievements, and achieve personal development and growth. The teachers of each subject in the International Department (including foreign teachers and Chinese bilingual teachers) have rich teaching experience and use inspiring teaching methods to cultivate students into citizens with outstanding competitiveness and cultural literacy, so that they can actively and freely cope with this rapidly changing world. 

The International Department brings students a unique educational experience. It integrates the essence of three educational traditions from China, the United Kingdom, and the international community: promoting education, rigorous academic research, and extensive and profound Chinese education; Drawing on exploratory learning and Western educational models centered on classroom discussions; Developing critical thinking, innovation, and an international education philosophy. 
The main learning objectives of international students include: 
Proficient in English and Chinese Mastering specific disciplinary knowledge and exploring and understanding the connections between disciplines 
Confidence and ability to express creatively
Utilize cutting-edge technology with ease 
Capable of in-depth exploration, teamwork, and proactive learning 
To achieve comprehensive personal development 
Having cross-cultural communication skills and international competitiveness 
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