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  • Company

    TiC Recruiting​

  • Location

    huzhou Zhejiang, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    20,000-30,000 RMB

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ESL teacher, Art teacher, PE teacher, Music teacher

huzhou Zhejiang, China

About Company:

TIC is a professional headhunting service company engaged in foreign talent recommendation, founded in 2017, is a young entrepreneurial team full of vitality, harmonious employee relations, internal unity, with Chinese and English office environment and rapid growth space.
TIC serves various colleges and universities across the country, including kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities, and training schools around the country, as well as foreign-funded enterprises in first-tier and second-tier cities. The candidates are foreign talents from all over the world; TIC team has rich HR experience, European and American overseas returnees, professional English, etc., as well as the young partners of the post-90s generation who are fast developing themselves, inject new vitality into TIC.
Here, we will set sail our dreams together and look forward to your joining us!

Job Profile:

Position: ESL teacher, Art teacher, PE teacher, Music teacher

Salary Range: 20K~35K

Arrival: ASAP

Location: Anji district, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, China

Job Details:


- Undertake the teaching tasks of English teacher, including a series of teaching activities such as preparing lessons, lectures, tutoring, designing and correcting assessments to provide prompt feedback, and writing report comments. It is recommended for the English teacher to build and carry out humanistic and social project-based learning.

- While undertaking teaching and research activities, be prepared to reflect on daily teaching in order to improve teaching quality.

- Be prepared to develop and improve school-based English curricular.

- Be prepared to participate in the daily management of students, including early morning reading, self-study, English day, assembly, etc.

- Be responsible to organize students to participate in various school activities.

- Be prepared to contact parents in regards to their academic growth as well as their psychological wellbeing.

- Be flexible with the school's arrangements, be prepared to help with other responsibilities such as admissions promotion, organizing academic competitions, etc.

- Follow the local school rules & regulations (extra copy provided)

- Complete and submit teaching plan in term of Semester Teaching Plan/ Weekly Teaching Plan/and Each Lesson Plan. Those plans can be done by filling out the settled form of each kind.

- Be affirmative with the students, however friendly manner and regularly collect feedbacks from them about teaching.

- Begin class at scheduled times and (with exception of break time) continue to teach for the entire scheduled teaching period.

- Teachers must carry out and teach the lesson according to plan, in an educational, responsible and fun manner

- Teachers are responsible for incorporating all discipline and disciplining of students into their own teaching. And according to Chinese laws, teachers must be fully responsible for students’ safety.

- Any physical punishments or related activities are forbidden. Any insulting language or any speech that may cause an insult to students are not allowed. Teachers are always welcome to correct students’ mistakes in a friendly manner and positive attitude.

- Complete and submit student summary reports at required times

- Complete all extra work needed for public/open classes (i.e. extra preparation and communication with parents/school administration on how to improve class)


- Holder of Bachelor Degree in relevant subject with teaching certificate or license.

- Working experience in an administrative capacity at a national, private, or international school.

- Excellent communication skills and a public presence which engenders respect and trust from students and parents is a must.

- Detail-oriented person with excellent time management and editing skills.

- Possess a vision of the “big picture” of the school and the need for all departments to work together for the good of the students.

- Every part time or full-time teacher has to respect and follow all the Chinese laws, and work in China legally.

- Every part-time or full-time teacher has to observe our bylaw, the teaching discipline and management.


- Salary: 20k-35k

- Housing: Free apartment provided

- Holidays: All Chinese legal holidays provided (paid holidays)

- Insurance: Medical insurance provided

- Working visa provided

- Teaching books and material provided

- Airfare to China provided

-Bonus: TBA

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