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    Jiangyin Science and Technology Bureau​

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    Wuxi/Jiangyin Jiangsu, China​

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Wuxi/Jiangyin Jiangsu, China

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Wuxi Biortus bioscience Co., Ltd. was jointly founded in 2009 by Shuangliang group, one of the "top 500 Chinese enterprises", and a number of overseas scientists with working experience in foreign pharmaceutical industries. With its strong protein production and structural biology capabilities, the company has been providing global clients with new drug discovery services for SBDD (structure-based drug design).
Biortus has 4 technical platforms: protein expression & purification, biological assays, crystallography and cryoEM. In particular, with a total of 8 cryo-electron microscopes, Biortus is so far the largest one-stop cryoEM service provider in the world.
Led by Dr. Wu Jiaquan, the core team contains more than 10 overseas returnees. So far, a total of 19 scientific papers have been published in top journals such as 《Science》、《Nature》、《Cell》、《Cell Research》、《Nature Communications》、《Structure》、《Joumal of the American Chemical Society》etc. Biortus has about 220 employees, more than 50% of whom have a master's degree or above.
In last three years, Biortus has been maintaining more than 40% rising of annual sales revenue. Its clients includes many internationally renowned pharmaceutical enterprises and biotechs located in USA, Europe and Asia.
At Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Park, Biortus has built both "international cryoelectron microscope innovation center" and "international drug target protein innovation center" to implement the strategic plan "thousands of targets and thousands of seedlings" ®”. The goal of this plan is to deliver thousands of drug target proteins, tens of thousands of lead compounds, as well as their structure-activity relationship to global clients. Biortus is implanting the strategy of "new targets, new mechanisms and new molecules" into domestic pharmaceutical industries.

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