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(Beijing)Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus

Jan 17, 2024


Founded in 1907, Beijing No.4 High School is one of the first group  of model high schools accredited by Beijng Municipal Government and enjoys a high reputation both inChinaand abroad. During the centennial past, the school has nurtured thousands of outstanding graduates. Quite a number of them now become prominent scientists, litterateurs and artists and some have become high ranking officials of the Party and government, military officers, leading figures of various walks of life and senior technicians.

senior high school:
No.A2,Xihuangchenggen North Stree,Xicheng District.
Beijing 100034,P.R.China.
Tel:(8610)66175061 66186925
Fax:(8610)66175061 66186925

junior high school:
No.4 Jiaochenghutong,Dianmen  Xidajie,Xicheng District,
Beijing 100034,P.R.China.


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