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Robert Kletzli:Innovation is his lifelong pursuit

Jan 30, 2024

Hangzhou - Binjiang  

In February 2023, Geo-info Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. ( “Geo-info”) attended Geo Week 2023, the leading event for the geospatial, 3D and built world, and announced its innovative new  technology – LSAP: LIDAR Synchronous Acquisition and Processing.

LSAP is considered first-of-its-kind technology by the prestige judges in the Geo Week Forum, representing the cutting edge in autonomous UAV technology, LIDAR georeferencing and boresight calibration, and real-time UAV LIDAR processing. CTO Robert Kletzli from Geo-info is the inventor of this technology. 
As a pioneer and expert in LIDAR technology, Robert takes “Innovation” as keyword for his R&D work. He always thinks out-of-the-box and pushes the boundaries of technologies. He has created many No.1s in his career. Persistence is one of his qualities in getting things done throughout all these years. By continuously undertaking technical researches and experiments, Robert keeps surprising his peers and rivals in the industry.  
Robert’s next target is serving digital twin constructions.Robert shows great confidence when talking about the future of the LIDAR technology.

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