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Langyuan Station Coffee Festival Opens This Weekend!

Jul 05, 2024

Beijing  2024.07.06 - 2024.07.07

From July 6 to 7, the Langyuan Station Coffee Festival will provide specialty coffee, various delicacies, and abundant activities, inviting everyone to savor the very moments.

Admission is free, with no tickets required. Over 100 coffee and coffee-related brands will present their best offerings, allowing visitors to sample flavors from around China at one location. In addition, you can enjoy delicious food and purchase creative products. A total of 40 coffee brands based in the venue will also participate in the festival.

After visiting Langyuan Station, you can explore the neighboring Jiangfu Park, an urban forest with lush trees and verdant lawns.

The park's artificial wetland has over 10 species of plants, including lotus and water lilies, attracting over 20 species of waterfowl, such as grey herons, egrets, mandarin ducks, and mallards, to nest here.

An abandoned railway track stretches through the park, passing through forests, lawns, flower seas, rivers and lakes, taking visitors on a journey into nature.
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(Source: Official WeChat account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism)
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