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Notice about the Encountering·Favor China Short Video Collection Event

May 20, 2024

2024.05.06 - 2024.12.31

To All Interested Parties,

China is embracing the world with an unprecedented open attitude and enthusiasm. In order to showcase the colorful features of China, the "Encountering•Favor China" short video collection event is now open to foreign friends worldwide. We invite you to share your unique perspective and profound experience with us, and capture China through your eyes and len.

Name of the Event

"Encountering•Favor China". Share with us the diverse "encounters" you have had in China - meeting people, experiencing events, discovering different aspects of yourself, as well as the encounter and integration between cultures. Let us know about the "beauty of the Chinese artistic conception" that you "favor".

Foreign Talent Research Center (FTRC), Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China.
Theme of Short Video Content
1.The Beautiful China I Encountered
Tell stories about China's landscapes, culture, food, leisure and other aspects of experience.
2. The Speed of Change
Tell about your personal feelings of the rapid changes in China, such as opening up, technological leap, industrial rise, economic transformation, cultural prosperity, life adjustment, etc.
3.Chasing Dreams in China
Share your stories of entrepreneurship, work, and study in China.
4.My Story with the Chinese
Share the stories of your encounters and acquaintances with the Chinese people, and the cultural exchanges and mishaps that occurred during your interactions.
5.My Favorite Chinese City
Introduce your favorite Chinese city, sharing its unique characteristics and your memorable life experiences there.
Who Can Participate
Groups or individuals around the world are welcome to participate. Applicants must be foreigners.
Requirement of the Video
1.The video should be about real people and their stories. The creative ideas, content, and materials must be original, aiming to express objectively and spread positive energy.
2.The video must not contain vulgarity, religion, racial discrimination or other sensitive content, and advertisements are not allowed.
3.There is no limitation to the type of video -- it can be a short documentary, interview, talk show, animation, etc. The duration of the video should be less than 5 minutes.
4.It can be in any language but please include English subtitles to facilitate evaluation.
5.The format of the video should be MP4, with a full-frame horizontal layout, and the image resolution should be 1280*720 or greater.
Event Schedule
1.Submission: Applicants should submit videos to FTRC before Dec. 31st.
2.Display: Late July -- the outstanding works will be gradually published on Chinajob. 
Submission Method
Send your short video as an attachment to the mailbox: angie.su@chinajob.com.
Please indicate the name of the "Encountering•Favor China" Contribution + participant name (passport name) + nationality. The email content should include a brief introduction of the video.

Foreign Talent Research Center, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China
May 6, 2024

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