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Guide for International Interns Exchange Program's Participants

May 31, 2024


If you’re a member of International Youth Intern Exchange Program (Category C, Interns from France, Germany, or Singapore), do you know how to Apply for Notification Letters of Foreigner's Work Permit in the People's Republic of China and Foreigner's Work Permits? Check this guide to know more!

Eligible Applicants
1. An eligible applicant must be aged 18 or older and in good health with no criminal record. He/she must have an employer in the Chinese mainland and the professional skills or expertise necessary to perform the work.
2. The work undertaken by the applicant should align with China's economic and social development needs, and address the high demand for the corresponding professionals in shortage.
3. Where existing laws or regulations provide otherwise for the employment of foreign nationals in China, such provisions shall prevail.
4. French interns should be either current students or graduates of no more than one year from Chinese or French universities, vocational schools and technical colleges. French students currently studying in China may apply for internship programs without having to return to their home country.
5. An eligible German intern must have each completed a minimum of four semesters of study at a Chinese or German university or vocational or technical school, or has graduated within one year and be aged 18 to 35. His/her internship program must be relevant to his/her degree or qualification.
6. Interns from Singapore must be full-time students of public tertiary institutions (including universities and polytechnics) or have graduated from such institutions within one year when applying for visas under the Agreement Between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Singapore on Youth Interns Exchange Scheme. Youths eligible to participate in the China-Singapore Youth Interns Exchange Scheme must be citizens of Singapore and have never participated in the scheme when applying.

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Source: BeijingService

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