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2024 Global Debut Festival Kicks off With Over 100 Sub-Events

Jul 10, 2024


New offerings for consumers

The 2024 Global Debut Festival was recently launched in Beijing.
More than ten commercial centers featuring new products, including Beijing SKP, Shougang Park, and Beijing Olympic Tower, will cooperate with brands from both home and abroad in organizing over 100 sub-events on launches, debuts and exhibitions of new products. These sub-events will be centered around four themes, namely "New Trends of China-chic", "New Cultural Consumption Forms", "Digital High-Tech", and "Fast Fashion of Sports", aiming to support Beijing's development into an international consumption center.
This festival will last until the end of September.
What's new?

On the evening of July 5, a China-chic-themed fashion show was held at Dongyue Temple Cultural Square on Chaoyangmen Outer Street. A China-chic fair was also set up outside the show area, presenting over 100 new trendy products.
In addition to this fashion show, a sub-event where consumers can gain early access to fashionable new sports products from the sports brands and cross-over brands around the world will be held from July 20 to 25 at Huaxi LIVE-Wukesong in Haidian District.
From August 5 to 15, the Olympic Forest Park in Chaoyang District will hold a sub-event themed "Glamor of Olympics", which will present fashionable apparel, creative cultural products, and unique gastronomical offers, to promote the Olympic spirit.
From August 23 to 25, Dongba Wanda Plaza in Chaoyang District will unveil a fashion and beauty show, with fashion brands around the world presenting their new products.
Other events include the launch shows for high-end brands to be hosted by Prince Jun's Mansion Hotel Beijing, debuts of limited-edition anime merchandise at Xidan Joy City, and the first themed exhibition of Ultraman Zero in Beijing at Beijing Livat.
During the festival, over ten global premiere centers, landmark commercial complexes, Olympic venues, and parks in Beijing will host more than 100 new product launches, debuts, and exhibitions. Over 1,000 new products from more than 100 retail brands will be unveiled, covering outdoor categories like sports, fashion, beauty, jewelry, cultural creativity, and technologies. This year's festival will give citizens a good opportunity to discover more personalized consumption scenarios and experiences.
(Sources: Beijing Daily)
Source: BeijingService

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