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How to find global cuisine in Beijing Chaoyang?

Jun 17, 2024


Hi, it’s me, Lila,

Aka, Xin Yue.
Today we’re at Liangma River.
If you often find yourself in Beijing Chaoyang district,
You probably know that
They have a lot of cuisine from all over the world here.
As someone who has a hard time making decisions,
Every time I open my phone,
I don’t know which restaurant to choose.
So today I have an idea.
I’m going to do a street interview
And ask foreigners who live in Beijing Chaoyang
To recommend restaurants from their home countries.
Let’s go, I’m hungry.
So if you are to use three words to describe the food in your home country,
What will you use?
Mediterranean,fresh as well,porky as well,somehow
Good variety,delicious and healthy
So cool,very gated,very delicious
Sweet,salty,and delicious

So if aliens came to earth
And you could only take one food from your home country,
What would it be?
Normally, I would have to say pizza,
But recently I’m on a diet,
So I think I’d have to say steak on this time.
A winter dish which is perfect for this weather,
Because I’m freezing.
As most of Italians, we are gonna keep the pasta.
Baked octopus, Galician style,
Sandwich with caviar.
Rice noodles.

So do you know any Authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Beijing?
There are some
Good and authentic ones in Sanlitun.
Guomao (China World Trade Center).
They have really nice food.
I had the paella, pretty authentic, I must say.
Spanish el chivi that you have in summer,
I thought it was really hard to get in Beijing,
But I found it there.
I found this restaurant called Mango,
And it has like really authentic Russian dumplings and everything.
It’s full of Russian people.
And the decoration is really like glowy and everything.
There’s a Bistro 108,
Which is not far from the French embassy.
It’s more of like a fancy Parisian style I would say.
And La maison lyonnaise,
Next to the Brazilian embassy.
Have you heard about Bottega, Forno, LaPizza, La Platea.
Or maybe if you find more gourmet, more high-level,
Like Dada garden,Opera Bambana.
So so much.
One of them would be SLOWBOAT.
They have really delicious burgers and stuff.
Another one
that I often go to with my foreign friends,
Home Plate.
Oh, I love Home Plate.
Me too, it’s so good.

What are some of the fusion dishes that you found?
I remember going to 711
And seeing the hamburger,
And it said New Orleans chicken or something like that.
What does that mean?
So you can find literally food from around the world,
Excellent Chinese food as well,
Especially around this area in particular,
You can find Turkish, Indian, Korean,
There are so many kinds of food.
Beijing Chaoyang is food heaven.
I found some pizza that were used with more Chinese ingredients,
Which was very nice like with some mala flavors.
You like it?
I love it.
Before I was not like a spicy food fan.
And now I need my food to be spicy in order to enjoy it.
I feel like a lot of diverse cultures like restaurants open here,
Because a lot of embassies are here,
A lot of foreigners come here.
So I guess it helps mix up the food here,
And a lot of choices, a lot of diversity.
And it’s just delicious.
You’ll find like some pasta with banana and some chicken.
There’s a kind of bread in Vietnam,
Which is served with all sorts of meat.
So if we wrap some Peking roast duck
In this bread,
That must be so nice.
You know like Chinese zongzi,
The little wraps with Serrano ham instead of the leaves.
So it was like this fusion of Spanish and Chinese food.
I really like the international vibe of it,
For example, here in Sanlitun,
And you have restaurants from so many places.
I have eaten food here that I hadn’t eaten in Spain before,
Like Greek,
Like I have never been to a Greek place before.
I love it when I go through like especially the Guomao area,
Because like everything is so different in Beijing definitely Chaoyang,
You’re not gonna find anything anywhere else.
Anything nice is here in Beijing Chaoyang.
I love both the scenery
And the food here.
I think Beijing Chaoyang district itself is a very big district,
But it’s also a district full of services.
Also during the summer until now,
There were a lot of festival events.
About the food also,
You can find also different kinds of restaurants.

It’s a district with vibes.

When it comes to food,
It’s not just about the food.
It’s also about the memories that it brings about,
Especially when it’s memories of home.
Food is a great way to immerse yourself in the environment,
And bring about warm and cozy feelings.
Beijing Chaoyang has cuisine from all over the world,
And it’s a great place for the foreign community

To come and find a taste of home.


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