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Job Summary

  • Company

    International College of RUC​

  • Location

    Jiangsu, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    10,000-15,000 RMB

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English teachers

Jiangsu, China

About Company:

Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China was officially established On 4th September,2012, fully in charge of the administration of International College, Sino-French Institute and other institutions of scientific research and social service.
Suzhou Campus, as a critical component and new growth point of RUC’s overall undertaking development, is the education and research base facing the world, the experimental field for Sino-foreign educational cooperation and top-notch talent cultivation, and the base for further enhancing and extending RUC’s leading disciplines.

Job Profile:

Renmin University of China (Suzhou Campus)plans to recruit 2 foreign English teachers for teaching work. The work location is in Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China(Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province).

Job Details:


1.Teach English listening and speaking courses for undergraduates and graduates every semester. Weekly class hours: 14-16 class hours of teaching in classroom + 2 class hours of extracurricular tutoring (45 minutes/class hour);
2. Implement teaching and assessment tasks specified in the syllabus conscientiously;
3. Edit and select some relevant practical supplementary teaching materials;
4. Correct homework and answer students' related questions;
5. Participate in the second classroom activity of English language teaching actively;
6. Comply with the rules and regulations of the Teaching and Research Group.


1. Passionate for higher education, abide by laws and regulations, work rigorously with good professional ethics, communication skills and teamwork spirit;
2. Healthy body and under 55 years old.
3. The mother tongue or first language is English, from countries including Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand;
4. Master’s degree or above in English language and literature, teaching English to speakers of other languages or related disciplines such as linguistics, literature etc.;
5. At least 2 years of working experience in teaching English as a foreign language (formal certification materials are required). Those who have CLT, TESOL/EFL certificates are preferred;
6. Current residence in China is preferred.


1. The salary is 1, 2000 yuan/month (before tax), contract period: one year (12 months, the contract can be renewed after the expiry of the contract);
2.1000 yuan/month (pre-tax) allowance for the person in charge of the grade;
3. Teaching bonuses of 5,000 yuan (before tax) to those with excellent evaluation results (90 points and above) according to the teaching evaluation every semester;
4. Summer vacation with pay(July and August) for about 8 weeks, winter vacation with pay(January and February) for about 4 weeks;
5. Medical insurance and accident insurance;
6. Reasonable salary increase for renewal according to the assessment results OF last term;
7. Visa processing fee in China (once per person per year);
8. Registration time: around September 1, 2021.

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