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  • Company

    Kyivska Polytechnika (Chongqing) Applied Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.​

  • Location

    Chongqing, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    15,000-20,000 RMB

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Foreign cooperation director and translator

Chongqing, China

About Company:

Kyivska Polytechnika (Chongqing) Applied Technology Research Institute is the first high-tech research institute in the 120-year history of KPI established abroad with the status of a legal entity. It builds on KPI's strong research power and integrates a first-class Ukrainian research team and cutting-edge research that focuses on the needs of technological innovation in materials science, welding, aerospace, artificial intelligence, information technology, modern manufacturing, biomedicine, and more. . Kyivska Polytechnika (Chongqing) Applied Technology Research Institute will work closely with Chinese universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises to conduct joint research and development and transformation of results. The aim of its activities will be to achieve significant breakthroughs in the development of new materials, key components, key processes and important products, forming a system of R&D key and important common technology platform in the field + high-tech equipment and products, creating a cluster of high-tech joint research centers and a cluster of high-tech companies with a high level of production. To promote regional economic development, the Institute will create a scientific and technical innovation community based on the principles of external implementation and internal integration of industrial and research cooperation.

Job Details:


1、Responsible for daily communication with Ukrainian universities, research institutes and enterprises, cooperation in scientific research projects, business negotiations, coordination of internal and external resources of the company, and orderly promotion and expansion and deepening of cooperation with Ukraine.
2、Responsible for the translation of company documents, documents, contracts, foreign documents and all kinds of conference interpretation
3、Organize all kinds of business activities, foreign reception activities, expand foreign business cooperation channels, maintain good cooperative partnership


1、Ukrainian, bachelor degree or above, fluent in Ukrainian, Chinese and English, with translation experience, study and work experience in China. HSK level 6.
2、More than three years of working experience, excellent expression ability, good at communication and coordination, good at establishing cooperative relationship, good at dealing with various interpersonal relationships.
3、Good customer relationship management ability, project management ability, Strong learning ability.
4、Have a good business image, affinity


150,000-200,000 RMB per year;Provide apartment

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