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  • Company

    Center for the Cognitive Science of Language, Beijing Language and Culture University​

  • Location

    Beijing, China​

  • Job Type

    Part Time

  • Salary Range

    20,000-30,000 RMB

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Resident Researchers

Beijing, China

About Company:

The Center for the Cognitive Science of Language (CCSL) at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is an open international research institution that mainly engages in the research of Chinese as Second Language Acquisition and Cognition, Bilingual Language Acquisition, Cognitive Neuroscience, Language Cognition, and Cybrain Research, etc.

Researchers at CCSL conduct research across language acquisition and cognition, from psycholinguistics, language & cognitive neuroscience, language to cognitive simulation of language, etc. In addition, CCSL opens the Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, which includes Eye-tracking Lab, EEG Lab, fNIRS Lab, Experimental Phonetics Lab with professional and advanced experimental equipment for scientific research.

Job Details:


1.Carry out cooperative research and publish high-quality papers;
2.Assist in the construction of research teams;
3.Offer professional courses for postgraduate students at CCSL;
4.Provide guidance to postgraduate students at CCSL.


2.Outstanding in academic research and have great teamwork spirits;
3.Have outstanding contributions and important academic influence in the study fields;
4.Possess at least the title of associate professor or other equivalent positions.
5.Study in the fields relevant to language acquisition and cognition, psycholinguistics, language & cognitive neuroscience, cognitive simulation of language based on artificial neural network


1.Senior researchers (renowned professor): up to 600,000 yuan (residency requirement: staying in CCSL at least 1 month per year).
2.Intermediate researchers (associate professor or above): up to 300,000 yuan (residency requirement: staying in CCSL at least 3 month per year or above per year).
3.The specific sum of salary of the researchers depends on the actual workload. Both sides shall sign a work agreement based on the negotiation.

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