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  • Company

    Tianjin Airlines​

  • Location

    Beijing, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    15,000-20,000 RMB

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HNA Aviation Group International Management Trainee Project Recruitment Notice

Beijing, China

About Company:

Company Introduction Since December 8, 2021, the Liaoning Fangda Group has become the controlling shareholder of the HNA Aviation Group, and has controlled 23 airlines with assets worth more than 250 billion Yuan. It has developed into the fourth largest aviation group in China and fully operates air passenger transportation, air cargo transportation, general aviation and subsidiaries related to airlines business.

Job Profile:

International Management Trainee

Job Details:


Training Plan HNA will formulate a special international management trainee training plan, and the training arrangements are as follows:
(1) Working place Cities where HNA Aviation Group subsidiaries are located such as Beijing, Haikou etc.
(2) Work arrangement
① Cultivate managerial and professional talents for 2-5 years. During the training period, the trainee will be arranged in HNA Aviation Group and domestic enterprises according to work needs and personal requirements.
② According to your work performance and performance appraisal during the training period, the HR Department will recommend excellent international management trainees to HNA Aviation Group enterprises in Hong Kong of China and overseas , including ACT Airlines Inc., MRO TEKNIK SERVIS SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI, SR Technics Holdco 1 GmbH , United Aviation Services FZCO, Africa World Airlines Limited , Hong Kong Airlines Limited , Hong Kong Airlines Cargo Company Limited, Deerjet (Hong Kong) Business Jet Management Limited, Australian International Aviation College PTY LTD and SODEHOTEL SA etc


(1) Degree & Major
Bachelor’s degree or above from domestic universities, with corresponding degree and certificates.
No limitation on major. Finance, economics, marketing, law, management, human resources, and language majors are preferred.
Current and previous graduates are accepted.
(2) Age requirements
25 years old and under for bachelor’s degrees; 28 years old and under for master’s degrees; 30 years old and under for doctor’s degrees.
(3) Academic requirements
Those with a strong desire to learn, excellent both in conduct and learning, excellent academic performance in school, no record of bad behavior, and who have won national scholarships, college scholarships and or other awards are preferred.
(4) Language ability
Proficient in Mandarin (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and can be used for daily office work.
(5) Eligible nationalities
Hong Kong of China, Turkey, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Ghana of Africa, Belgium and other EU countries.
(6) Other requirements
① Holding a valid passport or other international travel documents that can replace the passport.
② Proof of no criminal record from the place of nationality.
③Patriotic,integrity, law abiding, physically fit, and hard-working


Salary and Benefits
HNA comprehensively ensures employee welfare by providing thoughtful care for employees, work service support and career development support.
(1)Salary is negotiable. HNA will provides competitive salary, special incentives and rewards.
(2) Besides the legal benefits. HNA provides welfare benefits in line with aviation enterprises.
① Paid leave: statutory annual leave, company incentive leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, parental leave,caregiving leave, etc.
② Career development: fair and just career promotion channels, professional training, and talent cultivation projects.
③ Life care: major holidays, birthday, marriage, funeral, illness and childbirth, discount air tickets, etc.
④ Work services support: free working meals, physical examination, etc.

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