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  • Company

    Shanghai Lanzai Information and Technology Pty Ltd​

  • Location

    Shanghai, China​

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary Range

    20,000-30,000 RMB

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2D Character Artist & Concept Artist (Video Games)

Shanghai, China

About Company:

Shanghai Lanzai Information Technology Pty Ltd. Founded in 2018, we mainly engage in the fields of semiconductors, communications, and new materials. With an experienced team dedicated to developing and producing high-quality products, we are the only domestic enterprise with independent production of nanoscale magnetic fluids and intelligent equipment and technology. In 2018, the project founder used his keen perception of the industry to identify the research and market direction of nanoscale magnetic fluids. He invested millions of dollars to establish a technology incubation laboratory in Shanghai. Our company has a small and exquisite team, adopting American-style management, with a harmonious team atmosphere and ample growth space. Our colleagues are located all over the world, and we sincerely invite you to join us.

Job Profile:

As a 2D Character Artist & Concept Artist you will play a key role in designing and bringing to life captivating characters and captivating worlds through your exceptional artistic skills. Your primary focus will be on creating 2D character illustrations and concept art, while also understanding and incorporating technical art direction to ensure the seamless integration of your creations into our game development pipeline.

Job Details:


1. 2D Character Art: Create visually appealing and detailed 2D character illustrations that convey personality, emotions, and storytelling elements.

2. Concept Art: Design and illustrate captivating environments, objects, and assets to establish the visual style and atmosphere of our games.

3. Technical Art Direction: Understand and incorporate technical art direction from the Art Lead to ensure character art and concept assets meet technical requirements and constraints.

4. Iterative Design: Be open to feedback and iterate on character and concept designs to achieve the desired art style and overall vision.

5. Collaboration: Work closely with the game design and development teams to ensure character art and concept assets align with gameplay and narrative requirements.

6. Animation (Bonus): If possible, create animations using Spine to enhance character movements and interactions.

7. Visual Documentation: Create clear and comprehensive visual documentation to aid the art team and ensure consistency in the artistic vision.

8. Artistic Research: Stay updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and visual styles to continuously push the artistic boundaries of our games.


1. 2D Art Portfolio: A strong portfolio showcasing your exceptional 2D character art and concept illustrations.

2. Technical Art Knowledge: Understanding of technical art direction, including asset optimization, resolution requirements, and file formats.

3. Concept Art Expertise: Proven experience in creating captivating and imaginative concept art for characters, environments, and props.

4. Digital Art Tools: Proficiency in industry-standard 2D art software (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint).

5. Animation Skills (Bonus): Knowledge of Spine animation techniques and the ability to create animations for characters or assets.

6. Creativity and Adaptability: A creative mindset and the ability to adapt your artistic style to suit various game genres and art directions.

7. Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail, composition, lighting, and color to deliver visually appealing artwork.

8. Team Player: Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other artists and development team members.

9. Passion for Gaming: A genuine passion for video games and an understanding of how character art and concept design contribute to player engagement.

If you possess a strong 2D character art and concept art portfolio and understand the importance of technical art direction in game development, we'd love to see your work and discuss how you can contribute to our game development endeavors.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio showcasing your 2D character art and concept illustrations. If you have experience with spline-based animations, please include relevant samples as well.

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