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    Shanghai Lanzai Information and Technology Pty Ltd​

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    Shanghai, China​

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    Full Time

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Environment Artist (Video Games)

Shanghai, China

About Company:

Shanghai Lanzai Information Technology Pty Ltd. Founded in 2018, we mainly engage in the fields of semiconductors, communications, and new materials. With an experienced team dedicated to developing and producing high-quality products, we are the only domestic enterprise with independent production of nanoscale magnetic fluids and intelligent equipment and technology. In 2018, the project founder used his keen perception of the industry to identify the research and market direction of nanoscale magnetic fluids. He invested millions of dollars to establish a technology incubation laboratory in Shanghai. Our company has a small and exquisite team, adopting American-style management, with a harmonious team atmosphere and ample growth space. Our colleagues are located all over the world, and we sincerely invite you to join us.

Job Profile:

As an Environment Artist & Concept Artist you will be responsible for crafting breathtaking and immersive game environments through your exceptional artistic talents. Your primary focus will be on creating environment concept art and translating those concepts into detailed 2D environment assets. Understanding technical art direction and expertise in working with tile grids and placement will be crucial in creating modular and cohesive game environments.

Job Details:


1. Environment Concept Art: Create visually stunning concept art for game environments, illustrating mood, lighting, atmosphere, and architectural elements.

2. 2D Environment Art: Transform concept art into detailed 2D environment assets, ensuring they fit seamlessly within the game world.

3. Technical Art Direction: Understand and apply technical art direction to ensure environment assets adhere to performance and technical requirements.

4. Tile Grids and Placement: Design and create modular assets and tilesets, enabling efficient level design and tile placement for seamless gameplay.

5. Iterative Design: Iterate on environment assets based on feedback and collaborate with the team to achieve the desired artistic vision.

6. Collaboration: Work closely with level designers, art leads, and other artists to ensure a cohesive and visually striking game world.

7. Visual Documentation: Create clear and comprehensive visual documentation to guide the art team in maintaining consistency in the artistic vision.

8. Environmental Storytelling: Use art to convey storytelling elements within the environments, adding depth and narrative to the game world.


1. Environment Art Portfolio: A strong portfolio showcasing your exceptional environment concept art and 2D environment assets.

2. Technical Art Knowledge: Understanding of technical art direction, including asset optimization, LODs, texture resolution, and file formats.

3. Tile Grids and Placement: Proficiency in creating modular assets and understanding how they fit within a tile grid system for level design.

4. Digital Art Tools: Proficiency in industry-standard 2D art software (e.g., Photoshop, Blender, Maya, or equivalent).

5. Creativity and Adaptability: A creative mindset and the ability to adapt your artistic style to suit various game genres and art directions.

6. Attention to Detail: A keen eye for architectural design, composition, lighting, and color to deliver visually striking environments.

7. Team Player: Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other artists and development team members.

8. Passion for Gaming: A genuine passion for video games and an understanding of how environment art enhances the player experience.

9. Educational Background: A degree in Fine Arts, Digital Art, Game Art, or a related field is a plus but not mandatory.

If you possess a strong environment art portfolio, understand technical art direction, and have experience with tile grids and placement, we'd love to see your work and discuss how you can contribute to our game development endeavors.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio showcasing your environment concept art and 2D environment assets.

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