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Jiangsu Better Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Website: www.baiten.cn
  • Location: Jiangsu, China
  • Industry: E-commerce/Internet

Company Overview

Jiangsu Baiten Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intellectual property services with a core focus on global patent big data through internet information technology. Founded in 2006 and developed in 2012, the company has now grown into a team of 132 employees. Baiten has established wholly-owned and joint venture companies in Hangzhou and Nanjing. Its flagship platform, Baiten Net (www.baiten.cn), is a global intellectual property big data platform that provides services such as intellectual property search, data mining, statistical analysis, data interfaces, and software products to users worldwide. Baiten Technology adheres to the philosophy of "Innovation Changes the World," upholds the purpose of "Serving Innovation, Serving the World," and maintains the value of "Creating Value for Customers with Professional Spirit," as well as the company's motto of "Upholding Virtue, Being Dedicated to Work, Loyal and Trustworthy, and Striving for Strength." It provides comprehensive intellectual property services to customers globally. As an advanced collective in the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy, a work station for the Ministry of Commerce to deal with trade frictions, a national intellectual property service brand institution, and a technology and innovation support center of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Baiten Technology plays an important role in intellectual property protection, patent applications, technology transfer, and innovation support.

Company Products and Services
Baiten Net - Global Patent Search Engine: This is the company's core product, a search engine that integrates global patent literature, trademarks, and corporate business data. It has 200 million patent literature data from 108 countries and regions around the world, as well as more than 100 million pieces of various intellectual property data such as domestic business, trademarks, software copyrights, new plant varieties, and integrated circuit layout designs. Baiten Net serves more than 1.4 million registered users, with a daily visit volume of 280,000 people and an annual cumulative page view exceeding 100 million times.

"Yiban" Enterprise Innovation Digital Platform: This is a big data analysis platform based on intellectual property as the core, integrating high-quality resources such as universities, research institutions, experts, and third-party organizations to provide digital comprehensive services for enterprise innovation and development. The platform solves the blockages and difficulties in technological innovation, achievement transformation, industrial chain ecology, intellectual property, and market competition for enterprises through a combination of online and offline service models.

Industrial Chain Ecological Services: The industrial chain innovation ecosystem is an intelligent tool built using data mining, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence technology, aiming to display the interrelationships and interactions of various links in the industrial chain through a graphical form. It provides comprehensive industrial chain analysis and decision support for governments, enterprises, and researchers to promote the construction of industrial ecology and the digitalization of economic governance. The system integrates market, enterprise, and technology data to help users understand market demand, competitive situation, and technology innovation trends, thus making wise decisions. The main functions include industrial panorama display, industrial map analysis, industrial layout statistics, industrial chain and supply chain management, industry-university-research cooperation, innovation vitality monitoring, innovation platform resource integration, intellectual property management, patent layout analysis, industrial chain introduction guide release, and digital human intelligent interaction services. These functions jointly promote the precise investment attraction, technological innovation, collaborative development, and high-quality development of the industrial chain.

Patent Product Filing Certification Service: The patent product filing certification service is a significant service jointly created by Baiten Technology and the China Patent Protection Association to help enterprises combine patent technology with products, enhancing product competitiveness and market value. Through filing, enterprises can showcase the application of patent technology in products, reflect the value of patent technology achievements in economic activities, promote the transformation and implementation of patent technology, and enhance product competitiveness.

Foreign Trade Export Escort Service: Baiten Technology's foreign trade export escort service focuses on supporting enterprises in the protection of intellectual property rights and risk management in international trade. The service provides patent risk early warning, helping enterprises identify and avoid patent issues that exported products may face, ensuring smooth entry into target markets. Through professional product improvement design suggestions, the service helps enterprises deal with patent risks and ensure stable growth in annual export volume. Actual cases show that Baiten Technology's services can effectively help enterprises shift from passive litigation to active early warning, carry out infringement comparison and risk investigation in advance, thereby maintaining the competitiveness and export rights and interests of enterprises in the international market.

High-end Consulting Services: The company provides a range of high-end consulting services, including industrial patent navigation analysis, regional patent status investigation reports, competitor analysis reports, leading products/key technology patent analysis reports, freedom-to-operate (FTO) search analysis reports, export listing patent early warning analysis, invalid evidence search analysis, intellectual property strategy promotion plans, high-value patent cultivation, patent micro-navigation, intellectual property work pilot demonstration, intellectual property early warning analysis, intellectual property analysis and review, and technology project intellectual property analysis reports.

Patent Agency Services: Changzhou Baiye Tengfei Patent Agency provides comprehensive patent agency services, including patent application, patent authorization, and patent consultation, committed to providing customers with professional and fast intellectual property services.

Through these products and services, Baiten Technology not only helps enterprises protect and manage intellectual property rights but also promotes enterprise innovation and high-quality development, contributing to the construction of an innovative country.

Contact: Wu Jianneng
Tel: 18912328503
Email: wujn@baiten.cn