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One-stop service station for intl travelers opens in Shanghai

Jul 01, 2024


A new round-the-clock one-stop service station catering to the international travelers arriving at Terminal 2 of the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai was put into trial operation on June 29.

One-stop Services for International Travelers
Yang Bin, tourism information desk staff
We provide expatriates with tourism information services. Visitors interested in museums, arts and performances can also get all the information they need.
Zhu Chaowei, transportation information desk staff
Visitors to Shanghai can purchase transportation cards in accordance with their traveling schedules in the city. In the meantime, we also offer a special Shanghai Pass card, which is an all-in-one card that can be used in a variety of consumption scenarios including transportation, culture and tourism venues, as well as shopping.
Yang Chuhong, communication information desk staff
Expatriates can purchase 7, 15 and 30-day short-term mobile SIM cards, which allow them to make phone calls, surf the internet, and use ride-hailing and food delivery apps that require Chinese mobile phone numbers during their stay in China.
Sun Xiaoang, payment information desk staff
The center is equipped with self-service facilities including an ATM (automated teller machine) supporting cash withdrawal of five major international bank cards networks, and a foreign currency exchange machine that can exchange 20 foreign currencies into RMB.
Source: Intl Services Shanghai

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