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Study in Shanghai: Embark on new chapter in life

Jul 01, 2024


Study in Shanghai: Your ultimate guide 

Welcome to the "Study in Shanghai" section of the International Services Shanghai Portal. Here, you'll find a wealth of information and services, from scholarship applications and visa processing to HSK exam details and transportation guides. Whether you're here for academic pursuits or cultural experiences, this platform is your go-to companion in Shanghai.
01 Choices

The "Choices" section provides detailed information about various universities in Shanghai, helping you quickly understand and select the right institution for your needs.

02 Learn Chinese

This section offers practical articles on learning the Chinese language, helping international students improve their Chinese proficiency and better adapt to their life in Shanghai.

03 Short-term Courses

Find information about short-term programs and courses offered by Shanghai universities, including registration times, processes, course schedules, and tuition fees. Quickly discover interesting courses that match your interests.

04 Student Stories

Curious about the experiences of other international students in Shanghai? This section features stories about their course experiences, cultural explorations, and social practices, showcasing exciting moments of multicultural exchange.

05 FAQs

Concerned about potential challenges during your study in Shanghai? The FAQs section covers everything from pre-departure preparations and visa applications to setting up a bank account, providing solutions to common issues faced by international students.

06 Special report: Shanghai Summer School

Beyond the regular content, the "Study in Shanghai" section periodically introduces special reports including Shanghai Summer School, the Ultimate Guide to HSK, Holiday Safety Tips, and the World Digital Education Conference.

The Shanghai Summer School (3S), initiated by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2008, fosters international cooperation and educational exchange through partnerships with over 10 universities, offering diverse Chinese courses and cultural programs.

Want to learn more? Visit the 3S special report to explore diverse summer courses, learn about the experiences of other international students, and fully immerse yourself in the charm and vibrancy of Shanghai! 

Source: Intl Services Shanghai

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