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23 Brands of Hangzhou Recognized as Zhejiang’s Time-Honored Brands

Feb 25, 2024


The Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, along with three other provincial authorities, released the first six batches of Zhejiang Time-Honored Brands (verified) and the list of the seventh batch. Of the 108 newly-recognized Zhejiang Time-Honored Brands, 23 are from Hangzhou, the highest number in the province. 

According to the Department of Commerce, those making the newest list included Tiantang, a popular umbrella brand nationwide, and locally distinctive brands like Sunkeng Klin celadon ware from Longquan. These brands and businesses, covering various sectors relating to people’s livelihoods, played an important role in boosting domestic demand and consumption.  
The newly-added brands represent more sectors. Brands from the food industry edged down in proportion, but still dominated in total number, which logged 31. The proportion of brands from Zhejiang’s historical classic industries has increased. For example, three Hubi (a sort of brush for the Chinese calligraphy from Huzhou) brands and five of the celadon wares, made the list. Ten brands specializing in traditional art crafts, including wooden art crafts, embroidery, bronze sculpture, wooden carving and pottery, were shortlisted together with another five from the catering sector. 
The recognition of time-honored brands fully demonstrated IP protection and inheritance. Many time-honored brands are related with state-level or provincial-level intangible cultural heritages. In the meantime, these brand owners have made a new breakthrough in both business and branding. For example, Tiantang has made itself a renowned umbrella maker in China, and Jinzi Ham, a publicly listed company, has become one of the largest ham companies in the country. They have been playing a leading role in passing on and promoting fine traditional Chinese culture, boosting consumption of brand products and expanding the international influence of Chinese brands. 

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