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Foreigners' Spending in China Soars by Over 80%

Jun 06, 2024

According to the People's Bank of China, Beijing, Shanghai, and several other cities have introduced specific measures to further meet the diverse payment service needs of foreigners coming to China. These measures have already achieved phased progress, with a significant increase in both the transaction amounts and the number of transactions conducted by foreigners within China.

The reporter visited many places and found that from subways to museums, from large shopping malls to specialty stores, the payment options for foreigners in China have become more diverse and convenient. Cities like Shanghai are actively creating "pilot demonstration zones" for payment facilitation. In a shopping mall, the number of foreign customers has increased significantly since 2024, with the vast majority of merchants now accepting foreign card payments. Additionally, many shops have posted convenient payment guides at their entrances.

It's not just Shanghai; Xi'an is actively developing itself as an international-friendly tourist and consumer destination. The city is upgrading payment convenience and digital services across various scenarios, including tourist attractions, hotels, dining, and transportation. After linking their foreign cards to local payment systems, inbound tourists can make payments by scanning QR codes just like domestic users. Additionally, e-wallets from nine countries and regions, including South Korea, Singapore, and Kazakhstan, can be used for direct QR code payments.

According to statistics, in April 2024, the number and amount of foreign card transactions via POS machines doubled compared to February. Over 2 million inbound visitors used mobile payments, with the number and amount of transactions increasing by more than 80% compared to February.

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