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Chengdu Pastime〡Summer Resorts around Chengdu

Jul 06, 2024


What a rewarding experience is to stay at a cool resort on weekends during the summer season! And you can go into the nature, to the mountains and the rivers…well, to the summer resorts in the surrounding areas of Chengdu.

Yong’an Lake City Forest Park

Located in Shuangliu District, the park is a forested sanctuary in urban Chengdu and, without any interruption of human constructions, the spot provides a pristine environment with a super high forestry rate as witnessed by the over 3, 000 flowering trees and more than 10, 000 cypress trees over 50 years old in the area.

Admission: free

Zhongba Forest Park

A mysterious land of old trees in Pengzhou City in northern Chengdu, the park embraces forested mountains at the altitude from 1,100 meters to 3, 800 meters above the sea level, which are the habitat of national rare flora and fauna species.
Admission: free

Qimu River Wetland Park

The park, in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu, is a perfect site in the suburban area to cool the summer heat, which attracts thousands of city residents for traveling and camping on weekends.

Admission: free

Chuanxi (West Sichuan) Bamboo Sea

Hidden in Qionglai City in western Chengdu, the site is a natural “oxygen bar” where there is a large expanse of bamboo forest for people to enjoy a cool environment in summer. Attractions in the area include the Yuanding Bridge, Nahan Spring and the wooden pathways along the valleys. Walking on the bridges you can have the magnificent view of floating clouds and the endless bamboo sea.


Tips for summer travel
1. Keep track of the weather forecast and official warning information. Learn about the weather and safety information in the destinations, plan the tour schedules and prepare necessary materials before starting off; avoid travels in risky periods to minimize the possibility of dangers; choose the well-developed tourist routes and pay attention to information updates on your mobile phone.
2. Follow the regulations in the destinations and watch the safety signals in the areas, such as Slipper Road, Danger: Rockfall, Deep Water, Traffic Restricted, No Leaning and so on; do NOT play, take photos or stay long in deep water.
3. Avoid excessive exposure in sunlight and overtime outdoor activities when the temperature is high, in order to protect yourself from sunburn, sun stroke; prepare mosquito and bug repellants to avoid stings.
4. Take waste bags when traveling outside, do the waste sorting and take back the waste, in order to keep the environment clean.
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