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Expat Tech Professionals Welcomed to Apply for Leaders Program

Jun 29, 2024


2024 Shanghai Science &Technology“35 Under 35" Welcomes Expats to Apply!

Henry: Wow! The 2024 Shanghai Science & Technology“35 Under 35”Program is now online!
What is 35U35?
WAI bot: The “Shanghai Technology Youth 35 Leaders Program," also known as Shanghai Tech 35U35.is guided by the: Municipal Talent Bureau, Municipal Science and Technology Working Committee, Shanghai Youth League Committee, Shanghai Youth Federation. Organized by the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent Association, this program will select 35 awardees and 15 nominees who are young leaders excelling in science and technology. The selection will focus on strategic areas such as the forefront of global science and technology, key economic sectors, national critical needs, and public health.
Henry: Can foreign“technology youth” like me participate in the awards?
WAI bot: Absolutely! Anyone, regardless ofnationality, can participate as long as they meet the following four criteria:
I The Principles
Participants should uphold scientific principles, adhere to research integrity, and have no record of violating national laws or harming national interests or significant public interests.
II Not exceeding 35 years old
Applicants must be under 35 years old as of January 1,2024 (born on or after January 1, 1989), based on the age indicated on their lD card or passport.
III Led at least one research project orfounded at least one company
Leading research means initiating a scientific research project or working as a core technical staff in the research, with the research location in Shanghai or the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Demonstration Zone), which consists of:
Qingpu District of Shanghai
Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province
Jiashan County of Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province

Leading the establishment of an enterprise means independently leading or co-founding a company, serving as a general manager or technical director in research and development-related positions, with the registered or operating  location of the enterprise in Shanghai or the Yangtze River Delta integration Demonstration zone.
IV From Shanghai orthe Demonstration Zone
Scientific research or technological inventionsled by the applicant should be forward-looking disruptive, or beneficial to the public, primarily originating from Shanghai or the Demonstration Zone.
Henry: How can I apply?
WAI bot: Nominations and recommendations are to be submitted online. No need to send paper materials! All you need to do is log in to the website https://www.35u35.cn/ and submit the relevant materials as required. The deadline for submission is 4:30pm on July 3l, 2024!
Henry: What materials do I need to submit?
WAI bot: Personal Information
You'll need to upload your Personal iD card or passport.
Reason for applying (within 50 words)
Detailed statement (within 1000 words): Providea concise explanation of personal innovation that should include the main content,innovation points and scientific value and their impact on the relevant field.
Note: Application materials are reviewed inChinese (within 1,000 words). However, youmay submit in English (2,000 word limit), but aChinese translation is still recommended.
WAI bot: Recommendation by one expert in the field
Recommendation and signature (within 300characters) from one expert in the field fromwhich you are applying, along with basicinformation ofthe recommending expert(applicants’mentors, close relatives, etc., withconflicts ofinterest should be avoided).
WAI bot: Supporting Materials
Supporting materials can include (but are notlimited to): One paper or patent where the coreachievement was first published, and anotherpaper or patent representing the most significant aspect of the achievement; evaluations andevidence of academic standing from well-known academic journals, conferences, etc.; proof of the practical application of scientific achievements. Supplementary materials should notexceed five items and should be uploaded inPDF, JPG, or PNG format.
Henry: Okay, cool Robot! So.. when will the results be announced?
WAI bot: Well Henry, here is the general timeline forthewhole program:
From June to July 2024, participants will apply online (with a simultaneous formal review).
Preliminary Review and Announcement
In August 2024, experts will review the participants' materials, select 100 final candidates and announce the candidate list.
Final Review
In September 2024, the expert committee will select 35 awardees and 15 nominees from the100 final candidates.
Approval and Announcement
In September 2024, the results will be submitted to the guiding units for approval andthe proposed award list will be announced following the procedure.
Award Ceremony
In October 2024, the final award list will be revealed, and awardees will be invited to give speeches.

Ways of Application
Each former U35 winner may nominate oneapplicant.
Applicants may recommend the mselves.with recommendation from an expert in thesame field.
Applicants may choose one of the above ways.

Application Review Office
Secretariat of Shanghai Association of YoungTalent in Science & Technology
Contact: Liu Jiepei
Phone: 021-2419-7688
Email: sat35u35@stcsm.sh.gov.cn
Address: Room 1002, 1525 Zhongshan Rd W.

Source: 国际科创人才

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