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Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre - Hun Yuan Tai Chi

May 28, 2024


What is Tai Chi?

Chinese Tai Chi is a martial art and also a sport for competition and fitness. It has a long history in China. It's originated from ancient shooting and sword techniques, compiling with our body structure and the way nature runs.
The movements of Tai Chi are both natural and elegant. You can feel the rhythm of music, the ideas of philosophy and the art of poems. In this high-class sport, sickness goes away and health comes.
Nowadays, people who practice Tai Chi are all over China. You can see Tai Chi fans in parks, on streets and in stadiums. Tai Chi is also welcomed abroad. As a special Chinese national sport, it has attracted many foreign friends.

The positive effect to learn Tai Chi
1. Tai Chi Exercises can improve the sensory function and exercise the nervous system. Practicing Tai Chi & Qi Gong can repairs and improves the function of the advanced nerve center, and helps to improve the response ability of the optic nerve and the skin.
2. Tai Chi Exercises can help the health of the cardiovascular system and promote the circulation of the blood. It helps to maintain the health of the heart, the blood vessels and the lymphatic system.
3. Tai Chi Exercises can enhance the energy of the ventilator, and have a good effect on improving the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs.
4. Tai Chi Exercises can promote material metabolism, promote digestion, reduce cholesterol content and soften the arteries.
5. Tai Chi Exercises can strengthen the movement of the musculoskeletal system and strengthen the stability, flexibility, and flexibility of the joints.
Finally Tai Chi Exercises can relax body and mind. It makes you stronger and healthier.

Shanghai Hun Yuan Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre created in Shanghai University of Sport by Shanghai Hun Yuan Culture Communication Co., LTD in 2005. There are thousands of students who learn junior Taijiquan every month, senior Taijiquan every three month and Chen Style VIP private lesson since 2005. Shanghai Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre has opened more than 130 times tai chi training classes in Shanghai University of Sport. The coaches in our centre are all professionals and have many years’ experience to teach students taijiquan. The creator of our centre, Master Wang Kaiyuan has created a Tai Chi Qi Gong Healthy System by teaching people all around the world such as USA, German, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Spain, Australia etc.

Chief Coach Introduction:

Master Wang Kaiyuan graduated from Shanghai University of Sport with Chinese Wushu Master degreee and Second Master degree of Interpreting and translation from UWS. He is the 12th Successor of Chen Style Tai Chi and the Tai Chi Champion of He Bei Province, China. He created Shanghaii Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre and Sydney Kung Fu Club. He is the Chief Coach of Princess Cruises and Boston University & Duke University Shanghai department. Master Wang is employed as Chief Tai Chi Coach of EMBA of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai New York University, ICBC, Volvo Company, Siemens Company, Autoliv Company, Loreal Company, Rio Tinto Company, Shanghai Stock Exchange Company and fullgoal Full Company. Master Wang has more than 15 years teaching experience in Australia and China and his students are from USA, German, Italy, UK, India, Turkey,Japan, Korea, China and so on.

Chinese Tai Chi Arrangement for groups
Tai Chi Activity:
<1> 5 mins: Introduction of Chinese Tai Chi
<2> 5~10 mins: Tai Chi Breath
<3> 20~30 mins: Tai Chi Skills Learning
<4> 10 min: Review Tai Chi Breath & Tai Chi  Postures
Hun Yuan Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre
Tel (Coach):18221171148 / 18817351847

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