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10 Most Beautiful Hutongs and Alleys For You to Roam in Beijing

Jan 10, 2024

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Exploring the Grand Canal's transportation culture, sipping coffee with views of red walls and white pagodas, experiencing the vibe of fashion in Sanlitun... After a month-long public vote, ten hutongs and alleys have been selected as the most beautiful routes by the public.

Exploration Route Featuring the Bell Tower

Spanning 1.3 kilometers, this journey weaves through six charming streets: Zhongku Hutong, Lingdang Hutong, Caochang North Alley, the eastern stretch of Zhonglouwan Hutong, Doufuchi Hutong, and Yuge Hutong. This route includes stops at cultural landmarks like the Andingmen Heritage Display and the iconic Beijing Bell and Drum Towers, which offer perfect photo opportunities for those looking to capture their memories.

Exploration Route Featuring the White Pagoda

With a total length of 1.4 kilometers, the route includes the West Fork of the Palace Gate, Funei North Street, and the east passageway of the White Pagoda Temple, with stops at the White Pagoda Temple's Sutra Depository, the White Pagoda of the Miaoying Temple, and the Lu Xun Museum.

Exploration Route Featuring Hutong Culture

This 1.6-kilometer-long route takes you through nine streets and alleys including Yu'er Hutong, Guaibang Hutong, Mao'er Hutong, Heizhima Hutong, Qiangulouyuan Hutong, Ju'er Hutong, Dongbuyaqiao Hutong, Suoyi Hutong, and Fuxiang Hutong. You can visit several must-see sites such as the Jade River's ancient road, Qi Baishi's former residence Memorial Hall, and the Chunfeng Bookstore.

Exploration Route Featuring Shichahai

This route is 2.3 kilometers long and includes three streets, namely the north side of the Qianhai, Liuyin Street, and the branch road along the north side of the Houhai. Along the way, you can pass by the Prince Chun's Mansion, the Prince Regent's Mansion, and the former residence of Soong Ching Ling.

Exploration Route Featuring Gastronomical Delights Along Gui Street

Stretching for a total of just 473 meters, this route encompasses five boutique alleys including Jiudaowan South Alley, Jiudaowan East Alley, Jiudaowan Middle Alley, Jiudaowan North Alley and Jiudaowan West Alley, featuring ancient buildings built in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Exploration Route Featuring Shijia Hutong Museum

With a total length of 1.6 kilometers, tourists taking this route can tour around four well-selected alleys and hutongs including Dongluoquan Hutong, Xiluoquan Hutong, Neiwubu Street and Shijia Hutong. Featured tourist spots include the Former Residence of Ling Shuhua and Shijia Hutong Museum.

Exploration Route Featuring the Fashion Vibes in Sanlitun

This 480-meter-long route features two gorgeous streets, namely Sanlitun West Street and Yaxiu North Road, and connects Taikoo Li Sanlitun, PAGEONE (a bookstore), Sanlian Taofen Bookstore, and other scenic spots.

Exploration Route Featuring Three Mountains and Five Parks

With a total length of 3.9 kilometers, this route covers four renowned roads and streets including Hongfeng Road, Jiewangfu Road, Maimai Street and Meichang Street. Tourists can also find along the route several travel spots, such as the Memorial Hall of Tong Linge, Fragrant Hills Park, and Biyun Temple.

Exploration Route Featuring the "Morning Moon Over Lugou"

This 740-meter-long route features one beautiful street named Wanpingcheng Inner Street, and goes across Wanping Fortress, Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge), and other spots.

Exploration Route Featuring Caoyun (Waterway Transportation) Culture

Three well-selected alleys and roads, including the No. 1 Alley of Liyuan Middle Street, Gong'anxuexiao Road and Qiaozhuang Back Street, are encompassed by this 3.5-kilometer-long route which also features tourist spots like the Canal Ecological Park in Tongzhou District.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)

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