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        Shenzhen Highlife Management Services Ltd
Employer Introduction:
HighLife Yacht Club
HighLife Yacht Club is invested, operated and managed by the Shenzhen HighLife Yacht Management Services Limited , It is the only chain of high-end yacht club in China. High life yacht club’s main business: yacht sales, hosting, leasing, parking; business reception; corporate celebrations; leisure; yachts training and other yacht businesses All-round 6 Stars services to meet the financial wisdom of the elites on the high class circle of exchange and maritime entertainment needs.
China’s domestic exclusive chain of high-class yacht brand
The first network of HighLife Yacht Club is located in Shenzhen Dameisha resort area. Clear blue water, rolling twists and turns of waves on the beach, soft and delicate sandy, so that distinguished members can enjoy the privacy of the private beach time, but also set sail in the booming waves of the vast sea of ​indulgence. The next three years, the HighLlife yacht club will be in Qingdao, Xiamen, Huizhou, Sanya and other places to set up outlets for more Ocean marine life lovers to provide them a new way of leisure and the top high class social platform.
Join network membership of the HighLife Yacht Club in any cities network, members can enjoy the club’s rights and interests all the Club’s cities’ network . And each network are equipped with international stars standard facilities: five-star hotel, food and food, cultural centers and so on. Entertainment services around them with unique geographical location.
Seamless intimate private butler services (all-round 6-Stars private butler services)
HighLife Yacht club uphold professional, dedicated service concept. For the celebrities, business elites & giants, envoys in China and other high-class people to provide exclusive, distinguished yacht experience. Members can have the right to ride all the yachts in any cities, and the use of the yachts with flexible time. After the appointment is successful made, the personal steward/butler will immediately customize the trip service and program of activities for the members and complete the preparatory work before the guests arrive. So that members and their business partners, relatives and friends of the family can get a full range of intimate, meticulous service. Experiences on the yachts will be the same as being home with pleasant comfort, and the ultimate luxury of high-end yacht life.
Contact: James Zhu
Tel: 18689319686
Address: Suite 6406, Xuexiu Financial Tower, No 28, Zhujiang Road East, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, G
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