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Features About Our Products and Services / 我们的产品及服务特色

§ Comprehensive Coverage || 全方位的保障
Ping An Health Global Health Plan
is a perfect plan that gives you and your employee peace of mind. With annual limit up to 16 million yuan, it offers complete protection against any health related risks. As a global plan, it covers expenses on inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, maternity, dental care as well as special treatment on certain critical illness (cancer, eg.) up to 100% wherever you are. This plan also offers preventative care services,second medical opinions as well as other value-added services to ensure you can get accurate information on your health conditions timely.

§ Flexible Plans || 灵活的计划
Our carefully selected plans are customized individually according to your needs and budget. The area of coverage, the percentage of co-payment, annual limit are all adjustable to bring greatest benefits possible while keeping premium low. Maternity benefit, dental treatment and vision care benefit are also available as optional items to cater to your distinctive needs.
        我们精选的计划都能根据您的需求和预算量身定做。保障区域,自付比例,年度保额都能够灵活调整,在您的预算范围内,让您享受最适合您的保障和服务。女性生育, 牙科治疗, 眼科福利都作为可选项来满足您不同的需求。

§ First-class Network Hospitals || 一流的网络医院
As a professional health insurance provider, we have built a broad medical network consisted of mainly VIP departments at 3A (Class Three/Grade A) hospitals in China. Those hospitals within this network are called network hospitals, which include public hospitals, foreign hospitals, joint-venture hospitals and private hospitals. Most of them are prestigious hospitals with first-class facilities and experienced medical specialists. Many hospitals can provide bilingual or even multilingual services to better serve customers with different mother tongues. Please consult our sales agents and customer service personnel for detailed list of network hospitals.

We also collaborate with active care management (ACM) in Canada, a leading third party administrator that provides oversea medical network for us. ACM has a network of 120,000 healthcare organizations in the U.S.A. Excluding U.S.A, there are over 700 healthcare organizations in over 100 countries and regions. ACM will provide high quality and prompt healthcare services to our clients to make medical services accessible more easily worldwide.

§ Network Hospital Direct Billing || 网络医院直接结算
Direct billing service is available at our widely located network hospitals to save your large-sum cash payment and the trouble of submitting claim materials.
         当您在我们的网络医院里就诊时,可以享受直接结算服务, 省去了大量现金垫付和传统理赔提交各种材料所带来的麻烦。

§ Network Hospital Appointment Assistance || 网络医院预约服务
Our appointment assistance service (currently available at Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou) can save you a lot of time and trouble. Our customer service specialist will help you make out-patient appointment with our network hospitals and specialists according to your medical conditions once you call our helpline 400-8833-663. You can choose any hospital within our network or be referred to the hospital that suits your needs best by our specialists.

§ Health Check-up and Preventative Dental Care || 健康体检与口腔保健
Our free annual health check-up service will keep our clients informed of their health conditions timely with comprehensive health evaluation report provided. We also take care of the dental health of our clients by offering annual free professional dental care service including basic oral examination, scaling and polishing at our designated clinics.

§ Second Medical Opinions || 第二诊疗意见
If you or your family members suffer any one of 30 specified critical illnesses for the first time, and you would like to get further medical opinions from domestic and oversea specialists in the relevant field, we will aid you to obtain second medical opinions for free .
         当您或您的家人初次罹患约定30种重大疾病里的任何一种并且需要第二医疗意见时,我们能免费帮助您从海内外最权威专家那里得到诊疗意见 。

§ Worldwide Emergency Assistance || 全球紧急救援服务
Our worldwide emergency assistance provides you with full-protection while you are travelling within mainland China or abroad. A 24-hour bilingual toll free hotline 400-8833-663 is available for any emergency assistance in case of accidents or diseases.

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