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General Information
User Account:..Gender:Male
Native Language:RussianMarriage:..
Major:Teacher TrainingDegree:Master
Self Describition:My name is Vasiliy and being confident and proficient person I am about to find my place among people, sufficient for my needs and appropriate for my abilities. At the same time, as a person of multi-interest I never stop my self-education process in terms to become developed and versatile personality. My first education was obtain in irregular way, as the meter as fact I was graduated from ukrainian (Gymnasium #2 of Chernivtsy, Ukraine) and russian (Educational Center "Tsaritsino", Russia, Moscow) secondary school simultaneously. After this step my passion of education made me to obtain several fields of knowledge in high school, and so I am triple MA in math, Russian Philologist, Government Managment, which provide me to cooperate with different structures at once, such as Arts-studio, Pension Found, Language School, Security Service, Court House, Prosecutors Office, Health-care Department in roles of teacher, IT-specialist, human resource officer, investigator-interpreter, director.
Demonstrating leadership gives me the opportunity to show others that I am competent, confident, and capable of excelling in the future that lies ahead of me despite the obstacles and challenges that are present for me.
Obtaining new position will allow me to enlarge the amount of experience of international cooperation and teaching. More experience - more chances. More chances - more goals. More goals -... I think you got my point)
I never been afraid to start something new, but I am always about to do new steps in a confident way, to not harm someone's prospects and plans. And, for sure, every further step is going to be made up and forward, there is no other way to reach the next floor of our life-building, don't you think so?
Contact Information
Post code/ZIP(US):Email:..
Expect Industry:Education/Training/Academic Services/Research Center
Expect Function:Teacher/Instructor/Professor/Scholar
Education:Refsher course:
1) Daily english course
2) Negotiating technique course
Secondary education:
1) Ukraine, Chernitsy, gymnasium #2, 1993-2003
2) Russia, Moscow, Educational Center ¡°Tsaritsino¡±, 1993-2003
Higher school
1) Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Chernitsy National University of Fed¡¯kovich, 2003-2008, MA in maths (including pedagogy course)
2) Russia, Moscow, Moscow Government University of Lomonosov, 2009-2010, Russian language teacher for foreigners
3) Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Bukovinian State Financial University, 2011-2013, MA in Government Management
4) Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Chernitsy National University of Fed¡¯kovich, 2010-2014, BA in applied Mathematics

TEFL certified
Employment:China, Hangzhou, Middle school (public school) teacher: Arts, Russian language, English language
Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Private tutor.Russian Language Teacher for Foreigners
2011, still doing
Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Health Care Department of Chernivets¡¯ka Oblast Regional Administration. Main specialist of Personnel Derartment, Main specialist (behind the staff) of IT in Health Care of Chernivets¡¯ka oblast.
2013, still doing
Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Security Service of Ukraine in Chernivets¡¯ka Oblast, Prosecutors Office of Chernivets¡¯ka oblast. Interpretor of English and Russian for investigation and court purposes (behind the staff)
2011, still doing
Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Main Department of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Chenivets¡¯ka oblast. Main specialist of the Department of Automatization of the records of payments. Public service
Ukraine, Chernivtsy, Directorate of Pension Fund in Pershotravneviy district of Chernivtsy city. Main specialist of the Department of Incomes and Taxes. Public service
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