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General Information
User Account:..Gender:Male
Name:Louis LimBirthday:..
Native Language:EnglishMarriage:..
Major:Computer ScienceDegree:Bachelor
Self Describition:Dear Human Resource / Hiring Manager

I am a Singaporean male, 55 years with over 30 years of working experience - 25 of which specialized in the field of IT. I started my professional career in China when I accepted the role of IT Manager for an International school here in Beijing.

Prior to this I was,
• IT leader for IMF training institute in Singapore.
Key focus areas include
- management,
- Technical support in operating system, network and programming.
• I am also a team player, motivator, taking care of my team and also results orientated.
• ※Passion for Innovation§ believe the sky is not the limit.
• Cost Controller - striking a balance between academic needs and cost control.

My unique qualities which stand out between the expat community in Beijing , is my full literacy in the Chinese language - allowing me to appreciate the prevailing business cultures and all forms of relationship building in commerce.

My enclosed resume can better reflect my considerable experience in successfully managing the local business objectives and I am confident you will agree how much of a valuable asset I can be for your team .

Best regards,

Louis Lim
Mobile: +86-15910539554
Contact Information
Post code/ZIP(US):Email:..
Expect Industry:Education/Training/Academic Services/Research Center
Expect Function:Computer - System Integration/Analysis/Maintenance
Education:Dec 2005 每 Mar 2007: Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computing and Information Systems
Second Upper Class
Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom.

Jul 1995 每 Jun 1998: Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
Moderated by NCC Education, United Kingdom
Attended in Informatics Computer School

Jan 1986 每 Dec 1987: Diploma in Computer Studies
Moderated by NCC Education, United Kingdom
Attended in Comsertrac School of Computer Training
Employment:2008 - 2015 May Beijing BISS International School (

IT Manager:

- Lead the team of IT staff, responsible for BISS-wide services and support including but not limited to desktop support, Windows, Mac, E-mail, Web, for approximately 500 users.
- Foster a working culture that encourages cooperation and collaboration among BISS IT staff members across the school and promotes their professional development.
- Coordinate with IT coordinator in BISS, and work with other IT leaders in the International school community to accomplish the duties and responsibilities of the position.
- Work jointly with the BISS Management on the development of IT strategic planning, IT Policy and IT security.
- Work with departmental staff to provide comprehensive, responsive, reliable, high quality support for IT services for teaching, administration, and general use in BISS.
- Work with the Administration office, departmental representatives, the BISS IT advisory committee, students and central IT organizations in planning, developing and deploying new technologies and services and shepherding the movement of services to central organizations or departments as needed.
- Communicate effectively within the BISS community regarding IT services and programs.
- Monitor, evaluate, and enhance existing support services and tools to ensure that quality is appropriate.
- Develop and implement long-range strategic plans in consultation with the Director of Administration and departmental leadership to cultivate a viable support environment in which emerging technologies can be quickly and effectively incorporated and obsolescing technologies are efficiently decommissioned.
- Oversee IT spending patterns within BISS to identify opportunities for savings or areas where additional funds are needed.
- Develop strong relationships with the school, the Admins office, department chairs, department-based IT personnel, ICT.
- Work closely with school, key BISS administrators, the BISS IT advisory committee, and others to assure that the strategies and direction of BISS IT addresses and anticipates their IT support needs.
- Foster close relationships and communications among and between departmental IT staff, ITC and IT staff in at BISS.
- Empower and lead the team to deliver quality services and products to its internal and external customers; understand, explain, train, and/or secure training for team members in the use of Continuous Improvement concepts and tools.

Strong points:
- Understand the culture of China employees, business cultures and working relationship.
- Well understand the operation nature of various departments from HR, Accounts to Admission and Marketing.
- Excellent communicator, budget controller.
- Workflow and information analyst.

Success Story:

- Automate school workflow, implement elearning platform.
- Organize and provide consultancy and support to FlatClassroom conference 2011 with participants coming from (
- Putting BISS as a technology frontier show case/case study.
- Successfully implementing 1-to-1 laptop program.

Aug 1998 每 July 2007 IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute
A joint venture between International Monetary Fund and Singapore Government

Position: Information Management Executive

Job Summary: Under the general supervision of the Director, I have overall responsibility for the STI computer network. This includes acting as the liaison between Singapore and Washington on implementation of new technologies, resolve technical issues and budget and planning. In addition, I plan and supervise all activities pertaining to the system operation, maintenance and capital improvement projects. Provides training to end users, management in the timely and successful of the training programs. Develop, implement, and review various securities policies, provide guidance on the acquisition of new technology, while ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

Aug 1992 每 1 Aug 1998 Anfrey Communication and Technologies Pte Ltd

Sales/Project Manager

• Responsible for sales and improve bottom lines.
• Responsible for developing market in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
• Look out for profitable products
• Liaises between client and the software programmers
• Project coordination and liaises between client and the contractor.
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