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General Information
User Account:..Gender:Male
Name:Ian FinneseyBirthday:..
Nationality:United StatesPassport:..
Native Language:EnglishMarriage:..
Major:Education ScienceDegree:Master
Self Describition:Hello. I am Ian Finnesey. I am a librarian and a teacher, soon to be a teacher librarian, too, if you like. I\'m from Alaska, I\'ve lived around the western US, Japan, Korea, and China. I am looking to go back to China, preferably permanently. I am not looking for an adventure. I just love China and I want to go back there.

I am certified as a Special Education teacher. That\'s essentially an intensive math and reading teacher, with some behavioral stuff on the side. I taught English in China for 3 years. Less formally than that I\'ve taught art both online and in person. I have taught computer skills to all ages, and I\'ve worked as a reference librarian, which can be essentially impromptu instruction in any subject the customer asks about. I have the credits to qualify as \"highly qualified\" in Japanese, Korean, or Business Administration in most US states that still do that. I\'m pretty close to that in math, as well.

I am looking for a job teaching anything I understand well enough to teach it. I could handle math up to about algebra 2, English, English literature, history, and art up to about middle school. After the end of this school year, I should be qualified (at least in Arizona) to be a school librarian as well.

I tend to get along well with most kids, because I have common interests with many of them. I tend to know what they\'re talking about. I can have meaningful discussions of Pokemon or Minecraft. My approach to such things may be a little different than most kids, but that usually gets them more interested in what I have to say about those things.

If I have one most useful talent as a teacher, it\'s improvisation. I can write and/or follow a lesson plan, but when a plan goes south, I am good at picking up the pieces and doing something else.

I am not one of those people who is looking to take a year overseas then go home having had a grand adventure. I am looking to make China my home. I have family in China and I would like to be near them. I enjoyed the time I spent there before. That\'s why I\'m looking to work in China. I\'m also hoping to find an employer with whom I could stay for a long time.

If you think I could be a good addition to your school, please get in touch. Thank you.
Contact Information
Post code/ZIP(US):Email:..
Expect Industry:Education/Training/Academic Services/Research Center
Expect Function:Teacher/Instructor/Professor/Scholar
Education:University of Arizona College of Education
MA, Special Education

University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science
MA, Information Resources and Library Science

Community College of the Air Force
AAS, Communications Applications Technology

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
AA, Korean

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
BA, Japanese, Business Administration minor
Employment:Intermediate SEC Teacher 每 Stanford Elementary School 每 August 2016 to Present
Provided differentiated instruction in math, reading, and writing to 3rd to 5th grade students with emotional disabilities.
Taught behavioral expectations.
Recorded and tabulated data on student behavior.
Interpreted student test results for IEP meetings and instruction.
Wrote Present Levels for student IEPs.
Administered informal assessments.
Restrained students when needed, in accordance with district policy and best safety practices.

Student Teacher 每 Hualapai Elementary School 每 January 2016 to May 2016
Wrote lesson plans.
Provided test and other accommodations in accordance with students\' IEPs.
Instructed students in accordance with IEP goals in reading, writing, and math.
Attended IEP and other meetings.
Created graphic organizers, games, and learning aids.
Administered quarterly tests and RTI assessments to students.
Helped students with homework and class work.

Driving Instructor 每 Stop and Go Driving School 每 June 2015 to August 2015
Instructed students in road rules, parking, and on-the-road driving
Administered road tests.

Foreign Teacher 每 Maxen International Education; Beijing, China 每 August 2012 to August 2014
Taught English to students aged 4-14.
Edited and annotated stories for literature classes.
Created worksheets for math and science lessons.
Designed sets of lesson plans.
Trained new teachers.
Organized flash card sets (hundreds of cards, for 5 different levels of lessons) for easy retrieval.

Foreign Teacher - Best Learning English; Beijing, China 每 August 2011 to August 2012
Taught English to students aged 3-12.
Conducted story times and craft sessions for children aged 2 to 5.
Sorted and labeled library books by level, based on sentence complexity.
Developed and adapted lesson plans.
Developed language learning games and activities.
Drew and made decorations for classrooms.
Painted children\'s faces during school events.

Reference Librarian - Yokota Air Base Library; Tokyo, Japan 每 January 2011 to July 2011
Taught database use to staff and library patrons.
Taught library skills and catalog use to children and adults.
Organized 2011 Summer Reading Program.
Made game boards for Summer Reading Program.
Managed youth and nonfiction collections.
Conducted library tours for on- and off-base groups of children and adults.
Created displays for the lobby display case.
Repaired, reinforced, and re-bound books.
Instructed users in use of the library catalog and computing resources.
Conducted children\'s storytimes in Japanese and English.
Supervised shifting of the children\'s collection.
Answered reference questions in a variety of subjects.
Supervised up to 7 employees, and volunteers.

Intern 每 January 2010 to January 2011
Mohave County Library - Kingman
Collection development including identifying books to add to the collection, and removing unneeded books from the collection.
Answering reference questions in a wide variety of subjects.
Cataloging and copy cataloging books and serials, and checking catalog records for consistency and correctness.
Developing adult services programs including a lecture on email security, and a class on building and upgrading computers.

Intern 每 August 2009 to December 2009
University of Arizona Library Japanese Collection
Selected books for withdrawal based on condition or redundancy.
Identified books that should be purchased to fill gaps in the collection.
Created a new Internet resource list for the Japanese Studies subject guide.
Created a bibliography of all Japan-related texts on Project Gutenberg.
Repaired and reinforced vulnerable or degraded books and documents.

Volunteer 每 June 2009 to November 2009
Arizona State Museum
Organized approximately 20000 lines of data for a new metadata authority.
Organized exhibit data for the automatic creation of a new web site.
Created a new site for the Paths of Life Exhibit.
Inserted Web 2.0 sharing and Google Analytics code into most ASM web pages.

Volunteer Art Teacher 每 November 2005 to July 2006
Seongyuk Orphanage
Taught groups of 3-15 children basic artistic anatomy, perspective, shading, and drafting.
Taught various media including pencils, acrylic paints, stenciling, t-shirt printing, and sculpture.

Cryptologic Linguist - Korean 每 September 2002 to September 2006
United States Air Force - 303rd Intelligence Squadron
Located and recorded radio communications.
Provided real-time and off-line analysis and translation
Saved and retrieved recordings and transcripts from database
Updated working aids to reflect changes in the situation.
Trained new conventional systems operators.
Tracked all training events for people on my shift.

Computer Lab Monitor 每 September 1998 to October 2000
University of Alaska Fairbanks 每 School of Management, and Physics Department
Maintained labs of 20-30 Windows (98, NT 4, 2000) and Mac (OS8) computers.
Installed new hardware and software.
Assisted students and faculty with computer issues and maintained user accounts.
Provided computer instruction one-on-one and to small groups, to students, faculty, and staff.
Proofread students* papers and helped with homework in a wide range of subjects.
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