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Position Title (Employer) Location Date
Graphic Designer(Interni Magazine) Xi Cheng 2018-11-07
European Office Business Manager(Foreign HR) 2018-10-25
Teacher Trainer (younger leaners)(TAL Education Group) Beijing 2018-10-25
On Air Teacher(TAL Education Group) Beijing 2018-10-25
TV Presenter(TAL Education Group) Beijing 2018-10-25
sales partner(East Inflatables Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) Nan Jing 2018-10-24
Customer Service Japanese(Foreign HR) China 2018-10-16
Customer Service Korean(Foreign HR) China 2018-10-16
Investment Manager, Shanghai-based(Foreign HR) 2018-10-16
PT director/ fitness instructor(Foreign HR) 2018-09-26
International recruiter(Foreign HR) 2018-09-25
National manager(Foreign HR) Chang Sha 2018-08-23
Russian copy editor( Beijing 2018-08-22
Safety performance analysis and Optimization Engineer(Foreign HR) Hang Zhou 2018-08-16
Director Formulation Development/Senior scientist(Foreign HR) Cheng Du 2018-08-15
Project Manager/Overseas Marketing Manager(Foreign HR) Shen Zhen 2018-08-06
Sales Manager- Russian nationality(Foreign HR) China 2018-08-03
Deputy Director of Education(Full Circle Education) Shen Zhen 2018-07-31
English copy editor( Beijing 2018-07-30
EU Data Protection Officer(HelloCareer) 2018-07-25
Regional Legal Counsel(HelloCareer) 2018-07-25
International PR(HelloCareer) 2018-07-25
Game UI Designer (Foreign HR) Shen Zhen 2018-07-25
Quality Manager(Foreign HR) Shanghai 2018-07-25
Marketing supervisor-Female(Foreign HR) 2018-07-25
Business Development Representative(HelloCareer) Shanghai 2018-07-17
international principal(Beijing Jadebird Tongwen Education & Technology Co.,Ltd) Chang Zhi 2018-07-10
HR Specialist(HelloCareer) Jia Xing 2018-07-03
Warehouse Operation Senior Manager(HelloCareer) 2018-07-02
Thailand Country Manager(HelloCareer) 2018-07-02
Vietnam Country Manager(HelloCareer) 2018-07-02
Recruitment Consultant(HelloCareer) Beijing 2018-07-02
Language Consultant/ English Editor(China Report ASEAN) Xi Cheng 2018-06-28
College Consultant(Foreign HR) Beijing 2018-06-27
Global Business Development/Marketing Specialist(Yodo1) China 2018-06-11
Global Business Development/Marketing Specialist(Yodo1) China 2018-06-11
English copy editor( Beijing 2018-05-30
Concierge/Reception(JLL) 2018-05-28
Video Content Safety Operation Specialist(Jinritoutiao) Hai Dian 2018-05-24
Video content Security Operations specialist(Foreign HR) 2018-05-22
Full-time Native English Teachers (University of International Business and Economics) Beijing 2018-05-22
Robot Programmer(Foreign HR) 2018-05-22
Online English Teacher(Xuexi Online) Private 2018-05-04
Educational Program Manager(Foreign HR) Huang Pu 2018-05-03
Director of Marketing(Foreign HR) Beijing 2018-05-03
Foreign Manager in a fancy restaurant(Yaji Education Co.,Ltd) Su Zhou 2018-05-02
Program Manager (Admissions Specialist)(Pioneer Academics ) Beijing 2018-05-02
Program Manager (Student Experience) (Pioneer Academics ) Beijing 2018-05-02
Program Manager (Program Coordinator Team Lead)(Pioneer Academics ) Beijing 2018-05-02
Program Coordinator(Pioneer Academics ) Beijing 2018-05-02
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