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Teaching English in China

With the unprecedented economic growth and the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics, the quest for ESL English teachers–especially those English speakers from US, UK, Canada and Australia has reached a fever pitch in Chinese mainland. Teaching ESL is an exciting way to simultaneously learn about its storied history and take part in its rapid transformation.
1. Attractive earnings
Most ESL jobs in China require nothing more than a university degree, and the English teaching experience. While the average salary will between 4,000 and 8,000 RMB per month, mainly depending on the teaching hours. Generally speaking, most teaching work requires only 12 to 18 teaching hours a week. That leaves lots of free time for foreigners to other things they like. In Chinese mainland, foreign workers should have a “work unit”, an official employer for their conduct and safety. Only in this condition, foreigners can get such valuable things as a visa, a green card, a free apartment, air tickets, and transportation to and from the job, at least three-week vacation, and sometimes free Chinese lessons to boot. With these conveniences, Employers shouldn’t have to spend time and money arranging flights and housing. And the low price in Chinese mainland makes you live an easy life and possibly earn substantially more.
2. Boundless Job Opportunities
These ESL teaching jobs provide foreigners not only high income, but also invaluable experience in teaching a wide variety of students -children, college students, as well as business people. It’s really a wonderful experience to teach Chinese students. They are obedient, reverent and have a refreshing tradition of respecting their teachers. This, in turn, will generate more opportunities as inviting you to be special tutors for their children, giving a speech at their company, etc. Then, foreigners can pick and choose the jobs they want.
3. Advice for teaching in China
Before going to China, foreigners should know some job information firstly through the Internet, then through a simple phone for more. Make sure the employer has a license to hire foreigners, and is a reputable company or school. And eventually sign the contact with the employers after a face-to-face talk.
If you really want to explore Chinese mainland, you’d better stay here for at least two years. The first year will be the most difficult and least prosperous for foreign teachers, because they have to keep their eyes and ears open to learn Chinese culture and customs, gain experience, and fulfill their teaching contract. In the second year, when the culture shock begins to wear off, foreign teachers will find that China is a fascinating country and have the confidence to seize more opportunities.

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