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China Tailored TEFL Training

The first TEFL training especially tailored for foreigners who want to teach English in China was historically launched in the Beijing Friendship Hotel, where the sponsors, China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) which is the governmental organization responsible for the rules and regulations of foreigners in China, are located.,the host of this training, creates this important opportunity for foreigners to study and practice how to teach English in such a strong cultural background and, usually, a larger size classroom than English teachers are used to. The CSI has done extensive research on the real situation and circumstances of English teaching in China, and, compared with the differences with other countries, have created this training plan with a special professional team, which consists of the professors in the TEFL training field in China and from USA and UK.
It is hoped that this TEFL training will be the ONLY one that is for foreigners who teach English in China. SAFEA says China will finally establish a training program, such as this ongoing TEFL training by, to ask all foreign teachers to participate as a must, so that they could experience more enjoyment from their English teaching in a more beneficial way both for them and for Chinese students. That is why CAIEP and CSI are proposing this tailored TEFL training for Chinese students. The second training is expected to launch soon.



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