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Establishment of Nepal China Women Friendship Society
Author:Dr.RAJIV KUMAR JHA    Date:2012/04/25

People to People relationship is more important. I request all women organizations in China to actively participate in Nepal -China women friendship society.

 I came up with the idea because of increasing necessity to learn Chinese way of development. Though more then 10 societies are working on Nepal China relationship, no one has yet established one association where Just women can be participant. Keeping in view of this fact, by establishing a profound relationship between the women of Nepal and China, and by adhering to assisting to each other and cooperating in the development of women cause, this Nepal China Women Friendship Society has been constituted. This constitution has been formulated under The Association Registration Act, 1977A.D.

 Nepal and China have survived with friendship for centuries. Given that geographical, social, cultural similarities and diversities still exist between Nepal and China, Bhrikuti, daughter of Nepal was married to China, some 13 hundred years ago, and thereby enhanced the robust relationship between Nepal and China.

 Nepal and China have adapted some alterations in their relationship over years in accordance with the time and situation. Ahead of this 21ist century women of Nepal and China, similar to men, have been sharing in the political, economical, social, cultural sectors, among others, and have so come a long way in this direction. There are immense potentials between the women of these two countries on exchanging of views or experiences and learning from each other.

Inauguration ceremony

On 9th of December 2011, evening 5.30,Inaugarion ceremony of this society was held. The Chinese Ambassador to Nepal H.E Mr. Yang Houlan, his wife Mrs. Ruan Wei and some other officials from Chinese embassy attended the ceremony. More then 70 other distinguished guests were invited belonging from different political Parties. Most of them were Member of Parliaments and former Ministers who have visited China in the past along with huge gathering of Newspaper and Television Reporters.

Meeting with Ambassador H.E.Mr.Yang Houlan

I was deeply touched with the speech and meeting with His Excellency Mr. Yang Houlan, Ambassador of China to Nepal about his desire and willings to deepen the friendship  between to friendly neigbouring countries through the people of China and People of Nepal. Though the relationship between China and Nepal has started long back, more relationships, exchanges should be done to develop further. He further said,China and Nepal are good neighbors, good partners and good friends. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal 56 years ago, no matter how the international and domestic situations changed, our bilateral relations have developed healthily, smoothly and comprehensively, the exchanges and contact in various areas such as politics, economy, culture and security have continued to deepen. Since when he came to work in Nepal 6 months ago, wherever he went,whomever he met, he felt the sincere and deep friendship that Nepali people extended to Chinese. The deep people to people friendship is the solid foundation for our two countries to continuously expand the mutual exchanges and cooperation, is an extremely important part of bilateral relationship, and makes me fully confident about China-Nepal relations.

In order to continue to develop the China-Nepal friendly cooperation comprehensively, many Nepal–China friendship organizations in various forms established successively in Nepal, which makes the bright future of China-Nepal relations more clearly. He further added, these friendship organizations will become the engine to constantly enhance the China-Nepal comprehensive partnership of cooperation featuring everlasting friendship, just like the waves in Yangtze River the waves behind drive on those before.

Meeting with Prime Minister

During my visit I also got chances to have meeting with leaders of different groups. I had meeting with present Primemister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and we shared some views about Nepal- China relationship.All suggested me to study more on Nepal china relationship of China- Asia relationship. He said, as you are aware, throughout ages culture has remained a guiding force in shaping the destiny of a country, and an integral part of the greater process of overall development. Great civilizations have been the outcomes of a long and arduous process of cultural development, leading to gradual intercourse among people from different parts of the world. Thus it is logical that the notion of tourism and culture are so closely intertwined with each other. Nepal has been consistently pursuing the 'One China' policy. Nepal was among the first group of countries to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. Nepal had taken a leading role in sponsoring China's admission to the United Nations and all other international agencies. In the UN human rights body sessions, Nepal has consistently voted in favor of China. China has deeply appreciated Nepal's stand in this respect.

In addition, China has appreciated the stand of the Government of Nepal that Nepal will never allow her territory to be used for anti-China activities. Nepal has recognized Tibet and Taiwan inalienable part of the People's Republic of China. In this connection, the Nepal Government has unequivocally supported the Anti-secession Legislation enacted by the National People's Congress in 2005. Nepal has also appreciated 'one country two systems' principle as enunciated by China and applied successfully in Hong Kong and Macao in the form of special administrative regions.

The Nepalese guest speaker also gave speech on the topic “ Nepalese and Chinese women” and their friendship.

They say that Chinese women are independent, self-reliance. Almost in every industry has a female leader, reflect the economic and social development, which is China's achievements worth to learn for Nepalese women. Nepalese women in the Friendship Association will promote more women to become modern "red statue Princess", to deepen the friendship and cooperation between two countries.
Similarly other talked on the historical basis about friendship between Nepal and China. When it comes to the cultural relations between Nepal and China, Nepal often refer to the legendary era when Manjushree (Wen Shu Pu Sha) travelled from Wu Tai Shan to Nepal. He created the earliest settlement in Kathmandu, still known as Manjupatan. In recorded history, our historical relations have been nurtured by great personalities such as Monk Buddhabhadra (Jue Xian), Princess Bhrikuti (Chi Zun Gong Zhu) and great artist Araniko from Nepal and great explorers such as Fa Xian and Xuan Zhang from China. The intimate friendship between Fa Xian and Jue Xian and the sisterly relationship between Wen Chen and Chi Zun still remind us of our uninterrupted cultural affinity.

Meeing with other leaders

All exptressed Our shared cultural connections extend beyond these undying physical structures to embrace deep rooted arts, architectures and scripts having commonalities. The styles of the temples, old buildings, their windows and wooden beams -- to name a few -- speak of the strong influence of each other's cultures for centuries. One of the most striking evidences is the continuity of the Ranjana script used to inscribe sacred chants in the prayer wheelsaround Buddhist temples. The scrip, since the time of its introduction from Nepal to the Tibet Autonomous Region, has been spread not only in Tibet but also throughout the monasteries of Chinese mainland and Mongolia.

Inside Lama Temple or Yonghe Gong in Beijing, one of the most revered and famous places in China, a 300 plus year old statue still stand firmly. The giant log on which Buddha's image has been engraved was brought from Nepal with untiring efforts of 3 years. It is so glorifying to note that the world's tallest wooden statue, also recorded in the Guinness book, came to China from Nepal to remain a monument of our historical closeness.

My conclusion

Exchange of bilateral visits immensely contributed to further nurturing Nepal-China bilateral relations and promoting the understanding between the two countries.

On my conclusion what I can say is as a true friend, Nepal cherishes its friendship with China, and applauds the progress made by her in every aspect. With unprecedented economic development of China, we feel proud to say that, we have preserved and are developing several cultural spots of special interest to Chinese visitors. We now have to start more and more People to People interaction, give prorates to youth, make more exchange programs. Lets use our Knowledge on culture, civilization, diplomacy of both countries to use for the betterment of both countries.
May China- Nepal relationship last for ever for harmonious society.


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